What has he written? (publications list)

AARP PPI Publications (Authored)

Livable Communities” in The Policy Book: AARP Public Policies 2011-2012 (with Jana Lynott)

AARP PPI Publications (Edited/Supervised)

Online toolkit on HousingPolicy.org to “Meet the Housing Needs of Older Adults”

Issues in Manufactured Housing

Non-AARP Publications:

“The Built Environment; Planning Healthy Communities for all Ages: Communities Design, Neighborhood Change, and Impact on Older Adults” by Regina Gray, Rodney Harrell and Kathy Sykes.  Washington, DC: Public Policy and Aging Report, Summer 2010

“Demographic and Policy Trends in Senior Housing.” Real Estate Review, May 2010

Understanding Modern Segregation; Suburbanization and the Black Middle Class” by Rodney Harrell. (PhD Dissertation) UMI Dissertation Services, 2008 

“From Renting to Homeownership: Using Tax Incentives to Encourage Homeownership Among Renters” by Kenya Covington and Rodney Harrell. Cambridge MA: Harvard Journal of Legislation, Vol. 44, No. 1, Winter 2007

“Healthy Urban Design: Maryland’s Smart Codes and the Pedestrian Environment,” by Kelly J. Clifton, Andréa Livi Smith and Rodney Harrell in Incentives, Regulations and Plans: The Role of States and Nation States in Smart Growth Planning, Gerrit Knaap, Huibert A Haccoû, Kelly J Clifton and John Frece (Eds.), Edward Elgar Publishers, 2007
 “Healthy Urban Design: Maryland’s Smart Codes and the Pedestrian Environment” by Kelly Clifton, Andréa Livi, and Rodney Harrell. College Park, MD: National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education, 2004
“Investing in Our Communities: Maryland’s Heritage Areas Program.” Crownsville, MD: Maryland Heritage Areas Authority, 2003

“Report of the Governor’s Policy Fellow to the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority on MHAA Assistance to Private, For-Profit Heritage Tourism Development Businesses in Certified Heritage Areas.” Crownsville, MD: Maryland Heritage Areas Authority, 2002